The Guiding Principle

Slowly but surely I am working on a new book. After publishing IRIA a year and a half ago I am now following a new character, a fiery woman who travels to volcanic islands of the South guided by strong memories of a previous voyage.

They say that with a new story you should have a rough idea of a start, a middle and an end, but I don’t like that, I much prefer to start off, sit back and see what happens.

My stories tend to start with images that don’t follow a particular style or technique. When the book is completed you are likely to have a mix of pencil drawings, oil paintings and watercolours in various styles that reflect the mood of a passage or a particular setting.

The words tend to come a bit later and I might spend some time only writing then I go back on to the images and so on… weaving in and out like a colourful tapestry that slowly evolves from and with me on a journey  of discovery.

What I like about new stories is to start the process somehow and then step aside and hand over the creative journey to my muse, The Creature of the Land, my guiding principle.

Let me introduce you to her. Here she is.

The Creature of the Land


She first came through when I started working on IRIA and initially I thought that she would be one of the characters. I tried to give her a name and a place in the story but it became clear that she didn’t belong in it. I kept her in the same folder with all the other drawings and paintings as I strongly believed that eventually she would let me know where she wanted to feature and kept working on the image, slowly adding details while looking straight into her eyes waiting for directions.

When the book was ready to go to print, my creature of the land wasn’t featuring anywhere in the story and I felt guilty. I looked at her in the empty folder while the rest of the images where away being framed and apologized half promising that she’ll be in the next book.

Now that the new story has started I already know that she doesn’t belong there either because, in a surprising twist of events, she’s managed to let me know that she’s here just to walk with me a few steps ahead and asked if I would go with her, please, to the many places she has put on her map.

So we are off now to far away lands from where we’ll report shortly.