A delicious dessert!

300g short-grain rice,
250g apple,
100ml cream,
100g sugar,
60ml rhum,
50g ground almonds,
30g crushed amaretti biscuits,
30g raisins,
3 eggs,
2tsp vanilla extract,
1 pint of milk mixed with 1 pint of water, salt, butter for greasing oven proof dish

Soak the raisins in the rhum for 15min.
Cook the rice in milk and water until you get a creamy consistence. Let cool down.
Butter up a cake oven proof dish. Whip up the cream.

Mix well the crushed amaretti and the ground almonds with the rice, the beaten eggs, 80g of sugar, the whipped cream, the raisins, the vanilla and a pinch of salt.

Pour the mixture in the cake dish and level out with a wooden spoon.

Bake the cake in a 200°C/ 390°F hot oven for around 40min. Remove from the oven but do not turn the oven off.
Wash and finely slice the apple then arrange the slices of apple over the cake.

Sprinkle with the remaining sugar and gratinate in the oven for 10min, then serve.