Paint your fruits before you eat them

I bought fresh strawberries today and ate them sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice the way most people do in Italy. In my family however, when I was a child, strawberries were strictly eaten after being marinated for at least a couple of hours in red wine and sugar and they were just delicious. I never had strawberries with cream until I moved to Ireland. I prefer them with red wine.

Hopefully in a few weeks the plants in my vegetable garden will start producing plenty of red berries (protected by a net to prevent the pigeons to gorge on them before I do).

Wishing to find different recipes to serve the fruit I looked in an old recipe book but got lost instead in admiring the many beautiful still lifes of fruit and vegetables.

The work of Italian painter Giovanna Garzoni (1600–1670) caught my attention. Have a look.