Adult Programme

When given the right environment children instinctively know how to create, while most adults need to re-learn how to do it. As adults we often find it difficult to trust a child’s capacity to work out solutions for him or herself, to give children the right space and time. We can treat children’s wishes, ideas and solutions as second to our own. We can stop listening and miss their valuable, fresh and original inputs.

To help combat this process, Art to Heart offers a unique art programme, which has been developed and is led by Jole Bortoli, the director of Art to Heart. She has designed workshops for adults that focus on developing their confidence when working creatively with children or for personal development. She believes in first allowing each adult to be creative individually and then with others.
Every year Art to Heart offers a range of training courses, art classes and workshops. No artistic experience is necessary to attend.

Specific courses and workshops can also be designed to fit the needs of your organisation anywhere in Ireland or abroad.