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Jole Bortoli, is a visual artist, art-facilitator and director/founder of Art to Heart. Art to Heart has many collaborators, friends and followers who help to dream up ideas and projects which you find on this site.

Jole Bortoli was born and grew up in Italy where she trained as a visual artist. She attended the Art School for Fine Art and Pottery in Castellamonte, Turin (1966-70), and Visual Communications and Art of the Book in Urbino (1971–74). After graduating she co-founded and worked for over ten years in Fuorischema, Pesaro, one of Italy’s most renowned graphic design studio during the late 70’s – early 80’s.

In 1985 she moved to Ireland and in 1987 helped establish The Graphiconies (1987-95), a graphic design studio working mainly for the artistic and cultural sector. In 2006 Jole founded Art To Heart, an organisation that works with children and adults in educational, community and art settings.

Jole has extensive experience in working with children and with adults through the arts.

Jole is currently working in Dublin and the Burren, Co. Clare and every week she leads workshops for children and adults. Jole also runs art weeks in different locations in her native Italy.

In Dublin she regularly works with the Ark, a cultural centre for children, as artist-facilitator in their visual art programmes and their CPD training courses for teachers. She facilitates visual art projects with both Primary and Secondary schools. Jole also runs workshops for adults in her studio.

In the Burren, Co. Clare she runs workshops for adults and every summer she holds several weeks of training in her workshop.

Jole illustrates and writes her own stories, which she self-publishes. Her first book “Iria” was launched in April 2010 and an exhibition of the original illustrations has been touring regularly since then. Jole is now working on her second book “Rua” and “Nunali – A Place Where people live”, a collection of prints inspired by the art and folklore of the Inuit peoples. .

In 2016 Jole spent a month art residency in Iceland which resulted in a joint exhibition with fellow artist Barbara O’Meara titled  ‘Ratljóst – Enough Light to Navigate By‘ at the Russell Gallery in Co. Clare, Ireland. A short visit to Montreal, Canada in the same year produced ‘Shapeshifters‘ exhibited at Glór, Blanchardstown and at The Ark, Dublin in 2017. Jole is currently working on a new body of work inspired by the Burren, a region of remarkable beauty situated in the West of Ireland.

See Jole’s work and shop on https://www.russellgallery.ie/artists/jole-bortoli/