Remedies Against Cabin Fever

After many weeks of solitary work spent in the peaceful and productive surroundings of my studio I decided that I was becoming too cocooned, that I wasn’t mixing enough with people and most of all that I was liking my own company too much. This situation was getting quite dangerous and knew that I badly needed to get out. The weekend was going to be full of events!

Friday 7th – I decided to spend the working day in my husband’s office just to mingle with other humans. The decision was also motivated by the fact that the premises are near IMMA, the Irish Museum of Modern Art where the Patrick Scott’s exhibition “Image Space Light” is currently on show and I wanted to see it. Before going I watched ‘The Golden Boy” on RTE Player, a documentary about Patrick Scott that had been broadcasted on television the night before, but I had missed it. That put me in the right frame of mind since I knew little of Scott and his work.

I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t like his paintings. When I entered the rooms where his “Gold Paintings” are displayed I first took a close look at each canvas, at the geometric forms made from gold leaf against dappled, solid backgrounds, then I stood back leaning against the window sill and entered a Zen-like stillness and a feeling of pure calm and serenity descended on me. The white light that filtered through the curtained window illuminated the gold leaf in the paintings creating an atmosphere of sacredness.

I loved the contrast between the precision of the geometric forms and the texture of the unprimed, unbleached canvas and spent much time looking at the overlapping bands of transparent white paint whose layers where of great  purity.

After I visited the other rooms where earlier works where displayed I went back to the first rooms and stayed for a while longer before heading outside into the sunshine.

Saturday 8th – In the morning I informed my husband that I wanted to go to the theatre. Was there any play worth seeing? “There’s Dreamland by Jim Nolan at the Project” he said.

Dreamland? How could I possibly let a play called Dreamland go by without me seeing it? From last October I had spent workshop after workshop facilitating people in painting and drawing pictures on that very theme so I really wanted to see how it had been explored through drama.

Knowing nothing about the play we made our way to the Project theatre. The auditorium filled very very slowly – so slowly that I wondered if the play was so bad that nobody came to see it. As it turned out my attention was caught from the very start and the play kept me gripped up to the very end lost in the magic of a captivating story, a good script and good performances.

I am not telling you what Dreamland is about. Go and see it!

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Sunday 9th – I ended the weekend by going to the cinema to watch “The Grand Budapest Hotel” of which I had heard good reviews on the radio that very morning. Sitting in the Light House’s ultra comfortable blue armchairs of Screen 1 (though I prefer the multi-coloured ones of Screen 3) I let myself to be transported by the visually rich, fast-pacing tragicomic story that recounts the adventures of Gustave H., a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.

I laughed a lot and ended the weekend in great form.

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