Kids’ Guernica

Kids’ Guernica is an international children’s art project aimed at creating a peace mural on canvas, inspired by Picasso’s painting “Guernica”. Kids’ Guernica is an artwork on a global canvas, expressing the spirit of peace and connecting people. More than 160 peace paintings were already created in 40 countries of the world. See

As part of this project Art to Heart was invited to run a series of workshop in Christ the King Girls School in Cabra. The outcome was the production of a mural on canvas (160 x 500 cm) to illustrate the girls responses to the reading of the book “Secrets and Shadows”, a story for children by Brian Gallagher set inDublin during the Second World War.

The book tells the story of Grace Ryan who, when her home is destroyed in the Luftwaffe bombing of the North Strand, Dublin in 1941, is forced to move in with relatives in a different part of the city. There she meets Barry Malone, an English boy sent to neutral Ireland to escape the terrible air raids on his native city of Liverpool. The canvas illustrates the destruction caused by bombing with the use of black, grey and white, recalling the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso. All around the children have painted colourful pictures of themselves transformed into imaginary creatures as a celebration of life, peace and goodwill.

The canvas was displayed in City Hall on the 8th February as part of the closing cerimony of the project which involved seven Primary schools in Dublin.

At the end of the project the children were invited to give a feed back on their experience. This is what they said:

I liked Kids’ Guernica because it was a very interesting art project.

Roxanna Mielcarek.

I loved the Kids’ Guernica because it was really big and you didn’t have to be particular and it was very colourful.

Aoife Sillery.

I liked the way everyone was involved, we were free, we were anything or anyone we wanted to be and most importantly we had FUN! We are who  we are.

Jade Kenny

I love the way it was very colourful and bright.

Megan Teeling

I thought the contrast looked great with the dark colours and the light colours.

Zara Rafferty

What I loved about the Kids’ Guernica is that I felt like I was free to do anything I wanted on my picture!!!

Rachel Carroll

I loved the way I felt and that I could do what I wanted.

Jasmine Parkes

I loved that I was free to paint whatever I liked.

Dayna Ward

I felt really excited and I loved the way everyone made their pictures colourful.

Bianca Sandu

I like the way you could be free and do everything you want, and have fun!

Leah Kilduff

I liked the way people helped one another.

Kaci McKay

I like the way everyone was so creative and they were happy with their masterpiece.

Niamh McLoughlin

I loved the colour and the creativity in our Guernica, It was so much fun.

Emily Geoghegan

I liked the fabric we were working with.

Katelyn Caffrey

I like the way that you didn’t have to draw one thing and have to stick with that you can change it along the way.

Aeisha Carroll

It’s like no one can judge who you are within your soul.

Leah Dunne

I felt really excited to do it because it was something I never did before.

Margaret Fyodorova

I was very happy and excited when I heard that our class was going to be doing a Kids’ Guernica pojrect for the first time.

Gabriella Buruiana