My work is taking a particular direction, one that I didn’t consciously choose or seek out. It looks more as though it chose me and, initially I resisted it.

My resistance was due to the fact that I was afraid I couldn’t do it, I doubted myself. It turned out that I didn’t know how to do it.Yet.

The learning is happening with new teachers, people I have been working with in recentmonths. Some are children, some adults, all of them special and powerful. They are teaching me to communicate beyond the spoken word and to do my very best to develop other skills.

This is tough training because it means that all the tried and tested tools I have in my box are of little help; all bar one, trust.
Trust in the healing power of art.

And so I jumped in, and with trust and time I’m learning to connect, to speak in other tongues.

Some I am familiar with: images, colours, light, music, movement; the others, my teachers are guiding me.

I have learnt the power of eye contact, smiles, sounds and gestures, of gentle touches that say ‘You’re okay, you’re welcome’ and firm touches that say ‘I can do this by myself!’.

These silent conversations are opening up new possibilities, showing new paths. Unplanned activities bring surprising outcomes and teach you to be ready to seize the moment and go with it, with them.

Boundaries are pushed all the time and force you to trust and allow things to unfold at their own pace.

When doubt creeps in I look for guidance, with the ancient and modern sages, with my fellow workers, my books, dreams and artwork.
Poetry gives me great sustenance and insight, music facilitates.

When things get overwhelmingly complex and answers are slow to come I go for long walks.
Nature always delivers.