This year’s theme of Voyages has been explored widely by the Art Group in RehabCare, Dun Laoghaire. Over 8 sessions we have worked intensively surfing the waters of creativity, navigating from island to island, painting those imaginary places and telling their stories. Now that we have reached our destination we can relax and look forward to the festive season.

At home in my studio, as I sort out the artworks and document the project, I can’t but marvel at the quantity and quality of the work produced and I smile thinking back at our last session that included a very moving performance by the group.

At the start of our voyage I had asked the group’s bard John Cooney to write a bespoke poem for our crew to accompany us on a safe journey. It worked a wonder! Thanks John.



There is a land both near and far.

I heard an angel sing of it sometime ago

when I was old and I was young.

And in her song I heard the waves roll in

to make the shoreline of a sunny clime .


So I set sail to find that promised isle alone it seemed

til I was joined by a gathering host,

onwards we sailed a thousand strong,

we were children then of the cloistral moon,

and we were fireflies dancing on the myriad sea.


At dawn we stood along a curving beach,

where grasses waved in a gentle wind.

A girl stepped from the shadows there ,

her robe was purple, like the desert sage,

and her wand was golden like the sun.


She paused awhile, but soon she spoke.

And each man heard his own name there,

and saw the red flowers blowing in the quiet fields

where father stood to mend his son.

Then she touched each soldier with her wand of gold.

The shadows stirred, and she was gone .


Though I have long awoken from that dream

still I heed the angels call. And I will run

through dappled grass, to pluck the blossoms

of her lullaby and know the voice that bade

me venture far and farther still was but

the voice that called me home.


John Cooney