• The Ark

Our working partnership with the Ark, Europe’s first custom-designed cultural centre for children in Dublin, goes back to many years, to 1994 when the Ark was still a building site. Our first project was to design the Ark’s visual identity and subsequently all the programmes’ brochures up to 2003.

Around the year 2000, Jole Bortoli started to run workshops for children as part of the Ark’s visual art programme, which she still does, both in the Ark’s building and in the Outreach programmes. As part of this programme Jole also delivers training courses for teachers.

  • The Sanctuary

Art to Heart regularly works with the Sanctuary, a spirituality centre in the heart of Dublin city.

In the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Sanctuary the participants are facilitated in exploring personal imagery, the sacred and secular artworks of different cultures and the importance of the imagination as a tool of self-discovery and empowerment.

  • Christ the King GS

Garden and Art Project

We are running an ongoing art and gardening project with the children and teachers in Christ the King GS, Cabra, Dublin. The project which started in November 2014 is about creating and maintaining a vegetable and fruit garden throughout the year as well as producing original 3D artwork for the external walls. Painted birdhouses and big unusual flowers are now competing with pumpkins and berries for the passerby’s attention!


  • Draíocht Arts Centre

Jole Bortoli was ‘artist in residence’ during the ‘Beautiful Beasts’ exhibition in December 2016. During the week she produced original artwork inspired by the theme of Animals and facilitated workshops for schools and the public.

  • Riverbank Arts Centre

We are exhibiting ‘IRIA’ illustrations in Riverbank Arts centre, Newbridge until end of February 2017 as well as running workshops for schools and the public.

  • RehabCare

June 2010 to October 2016 – Back in June 2010 Art to Heart’s team started working with the adult Art Group in RehabCare in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin and after many programmes together the enthusiasm is still high.

The Art Group is large, hard working and very creative. As we get to know each other in more depth we are also becoming more vocal in expressing what we would like to explore.

It is a partnership where we, the facilitators, have come to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the hope that what we are offering is stimulating and of interest.

The individual responses and feed back from within the group is very positive and in turn, inform and direct the programme.

  • Monkstown Educate Together

Parting Gift Art project – Alice’s Garden, June 2013. Art to Heart ran a series of visual art workshops with 6th class with a view to designing and producing 27 large-scale painted flowers that are now showing off their beauty on the boundary wall of Monkstown Educate Together Primary School. The flowers are the product of an art project that 6th class pupils have been working on during the month of June 2013.

Parting Gift Art project – The Illuminated Book, June 2014. We worked on a new project with 6th class in creating an illuminated book in the style of a medieval manuscript. This is 6th class parting gift to the school, a well established tradition where every year the children who are leaving to go to secondary school make a piece of artwork to be remembered by.

  • Ombudsman for Children

We have designed the interior decoration of the Ombudsman for Children’s Office in Dublin. Jole Bortoli has run workshops with children to provide artwork which was partly enlarged to create transparent screens between the offices and partly framed to decorate the walls. Paola Mezzaroma has designed  a set of symbols that illustrate the children’s rights as per the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The signs are part of the Office’s educational programme, displayed on the windows of the Office and used in promotional material.