Children’s Programme

Over the years, Art to Heart has developed a series of art workshops that, through the exploration of a particular theme, specifically addresses the development of skills every child needs in order to grow into a confident, problem solving and imaginative adult.

Art to Heart children’s programme takes place in schools, both Primary and Secondary, in community and in art settings where we are invited to take part in projects but we also generate our own.

Contact Jole at or phone 085 1532220 if you would like Art to Heart to design and run a specific art programme or just a morning workshop.

Me & The City

3 March to 7 April 2018

The Ark, Cultural Centre for Children, Dublin

We are working hard in Art to Heart to research, plan and prepare another most exciting visual art programme that will take place next Spring in the Ark, the cultural centre for children, Dublin.  The theme is about the city of Dublin itself and how children may engage with it through art. They will discover and explore the colours and textures of the city and its environment and how architects and artists create the iconic buildings, sculptures and street art within it.

For an entire month we’ll be running workshops with school groups during school time, with the public at weekends and Easter holidays and 4-day visual art camps. See below for detailed information and bookings: