Children’s Programme

Over the years, Art to Heart has developed a series of art workshops that, through the exploration of a particular theme, specifically addresses the development of skills every child needs in order to grow into a confident, problem solving and imaginative adult.

Art to Heart children’s programme takes place in schools, both Primary and Secondary, in community and in art settings where we are invited to take part in projects but we also generate our own.

Contact Jole at or phone 085 1532220 if you would like Art to Heart to design and run a specific art programme or just a morning workshop.

Fly Me to the Moon

Schools and Public workshop programme at the Ark, Cultural Centre for Children, Dublin from 25th February to 21st March 2020.

Over the past year I’ve been toying with the idea of designing a visual art programme for children on the theme of astronomy. A visit to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles last December was the prompt I was waiting for. I reckoned that my basic knowledge on the subject coupled with my child-like curiosity for this theme would be a good enough starting point for initiating a space-themed adventure .

‘Fly Me to the Moon’ is the result of a year-long imaginary adventure designed by Art to Heart’s Director Jole Bortoli. She is the curator for the exhibition in the Ark’s Long Room and Gallery where you’ll be taken through a visual history of astronomy, sci-fi displays and see how other artists have interpreted the wonders of the sky. Come on board as we are about to take off!!!

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School Programme – Bring your class on an interstellar adventure in these visual art workshops exploring the wonders of the galaxies with Jole Bortoli who will facilitate a fun and practical visual art workshop that will allow children to explore and create their own out-of-this-world artwork through painting, drawing and 3D modelling.

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Public Workshops

Message in a Bottle on 29th February 2020.

Following your tour of our Fly Me To The Moon space-themed displays, you can decide which images you would make about life on Earth to send into space in your specially designed ‘bottle’ in this mixed media and 3D visual art workshop.

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Wish You were Here on 7th March 2020.

Space Travel Tourism is upon us, with many “must-see” destinations across the solar system. We need young artists with original ideas to design posters to advertise these places and postcards to send back to Earth!

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How to Attract an Alien to Earth on 14th March 2020.

Imagine you are sending a space-bottle on a journey through the cosmos that will guide the finder to a specific place back on Earth. It will lead them all the way to our lovely country called Ireland, where a very special object is to be found.

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Ladder to the Moon on 21st March 2020.

The moon has always had a very special place in our imaginations. We have dedicated songs, music, poetry and paintings to it and got lost under its enchanting influence. Celebrate the marvels of the magical moon in this 3D and mixed media workshop.

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Christ the King, GNS, Cabra, Dublin

This visual art programme is taking place in conjunction with the gardening programme where the students from both the Junior and Senior cycles are involved in taking care of the school’s garden throughout the year.

With they class teacher they dig, plant, look after and harvest a wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. With artist Jole Bortoli they design and make 3D art pieces which include bird boxes, fairy houses and specially designed flowers.

This year the junior classes will work on the theme of ‘gnomes’ – a rare species in danger of extinction. Once located the small creatures will be invited to take up residence in a specially allocated area of the school garden.