A Passion for Art

Founded by Jole Bortoli, Art to Heart is a company with a passion for art, creativity and beauty and we want to share this passion with people of all ages and backgrounds. We believe each and everyone one of us has creative talents and that when nurtured and developed they are transforming.

  • Me & The City @ The Ark

    Me & The City @ The Ark

  • Egg Tempera Making Workshop

    Egg Tempera Making Workshop

  • Art Course in Italy

    Art Course in Italy

  • Teachers Training Course @ The Ark

    Teachers Training Course @ The Ark

  • Weaving Workshop

    Weaving Workshop

  • Garden Workshop

    Garden Workshop

  • Illuminated Letters School Project

    Illuminated Letters School Project

  • Art in the Burren

    Art in the Burren

  • The Beautiful Beasts Workshop

    The Beautiful Beasts Workshop

  • The Art of a Good saturday

    The Art of a Good saturday

  • Awakening the Heart

    Awakening the Heart

Creation is a Voyage

We are continuously learning about the creative process and putting our knowledge to work with people through art. We always aim to deliver our programmes and projects in environments that are nourishing and safe because that is how great creative journeys begin.
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“The Fertile Rocks” for Jole Bortoli of Art to Heart.

She sent us out to the Burren to look
up close – far away, up close – far away
up close at pock-holed rock
far away at the sweep of an ice-weathered mountain
up close at golden lichen.

Back in the studio she gave us clay
and said: make the creature who lives
in the fertile rocks of your imagination.
I made a slow worm with attitude,
a snaky roll of clay with eyes,
furred with threads of yellow and red
like curvy exclamation points.

Then she said:
make this creature’s opposite.
I made a druid, very old, very wise,
burdened with leadership.

The druid fell apart
but the slow worm continues,
shimmying along my window sill,
resplendent with attitude.

Monica Corish

Monica Corish